RideSpring role in City of Santa Cruz Climate Action Plan (CAP)

Purpose of meeting: to understand why RideSpring was not included included in City of Santa Cruz Climate Action Plan

Meeting with Ross Clarke on 14 June 2012
Ross Clark
Climate Change Action Coordinator
City of Santa Cruz

Question raised by RideSpring CEO, Paul McGrath:

“RideSpring is a Santa Cruz startup that has provided a green success story to the City of Santa Cruz and County of Santa Cruz. Why is RideSpring not mentioned in the City of Santa Cruz Climate Action Plan?” 

Summary of main points of meeting:

  • RideSpring was not included in the Santa Cruz Climate Action Plan (CAP) because it was already a well established successful program. The CAP focused on new things that could be done
  • The City values the RideSpring program and it has been successful in positively engaging employees, and achieving high levels of participation
  • The RideSpring program successfully incorporates many of the desired strategies, and goals of the Santa Cruz CAP namely:
    – Reduce within-town car trips
    – Reduce regional workforce single occupancy vehicle commutes
    – Increase bike ridership
    – Increase transit ridership
    – Increase walking and bike ridership within the community
    – Incentivize alternative transportation usage
    – Tracking and reporting (commute data compiled by RideSpring was requested for the CAP)
    – Encourage residents to make more trips by bike and foot
    – Promote sustainable choices within the business community
    – Achieve reductions through programs, incentives, partnerships, and innovations all geared towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions
    – Work with partners to further incentivize energy efficiency
    – Sustainability through education and outreach
    – Reducing VMT
  • RideSpring is the most cost-effective tool the City has to promote, measure and reward alternative commuting
  • RideSpring also directly supports the economic vitality of Santa Cruz by purchasing gift cards every month to local restaurants, and other businesses, and promoting those businesses to Santa Cruz commuters through the RideSpring program
  • The City would like to explore expanding the benefits of RideSpring program to other employers in Santa Cruz. The first step will be for Paul McGrath to contact Cheryl Schmitt to explore what could be achieved with the AB2766 grant program


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